14 februari 2016 t/m 29 mei 2016

14 februari 2016 om 15:00



Kortegracht 11 , Amersfoort

The Mondriaanhuis has invited TADAprojects as guest curators to make an exhibition at the Mondriaanhuis in February 2016.

14-02-2016 t/m 29-05-2016

"I think the destructive element is too much neglected in art."
(Piet Mondriaan)

Jeroen Glas
Christian Gode
Jasper van der Graaf
Klaas Kloosterboer
Koen Taselaar
Marjolijn de Wit

Destruction takes an important place in Mondrian's evolutionary thinking.This was no negative term for him, but rather an indispensable condition for progress. Saying farewell to achievements and trusted methods to step forward.
Evolution means that you move on, develop further and optimize.The destruction Mondrian was talking about, is about the guts to be radical and critical towards your own work.
Letting go of what’s established and giving room to new influences.

This fact is the starting point for the exhibition: DE BEUK ERIN!
Opening up the routine. The pedal to the metal.
The artists who TADA invited to participate, let their work evolve in this way. By enthusiastically using new materials, methods of operation, concepts or exciting partnerships they lift their work to a higher level.

Taking action is an important part of their work.
In a playful way, they often take rigorous decisions with bold unusual results.!.html